We know the quality is still the best advertising. The whole Bradbury team strives to provide the best quality products to your yacht.  Our selection of fresh and organic and natural products play an integral role in keeping a being healthy. We choose our suppliers carefully, and we demand a high-level of product quality – from controlled origin to final delivery. When some brands are concerned, we are proud of the high-standards we have set. Our manufacturers are well known, and food products regularly go through all quality control and checking to maintain a high-level of nutritional safety.


The passion for food and the top atmosphere makes us move the limits and set new standards in the catering scene. Your desires, needs, and expectations are what inspire us. Our culinary team daily innovates to present you truly delicious dishes and the most delicious flavors. When you try one of our creations you can only be thrilled. Except catering for a different type of events, we offer also crew lunch/ dinner catering while your yacht is in a shipyard, a chef is not onboard, or in any similar situations.

Going The Extra Mile

Owing to the lush lifestyles lead by our primary target audience, we take our services a step further by entering the healthcare and wellness field. We have established means by which beauty services such as massages, manicures, pedicures etc. could be carried out aboard clients’ yachts or at selected spas. Amongst beauty products, the establishment also offers medicinal products, clothing and even the service of personalised stitching on different fabrics upon request.
Further to this, the company also provides hostesses or any staff members one might require. The services of event planning, chauffeuring, transportation and travel, exclusive excursions and also discreet security, are all on offer by Bradbury personnel.