In light of the fact that our main focal point is indeed gastronome,
the majority of imported goods include, but are not limited to, premium meats.
Such first – rate breeds comprise of legendary Japanese delicacy Wagyu Kobe beef,
Aberdeen-Angus – the world’s finest beef breed, and another highly rated meats
including Charolaise and Argentinean Angus.

* All imported meats are vacuum packed for guaranteed freshness and hygienic
purposes, thereby ensuring premium results.

Furthermore, our importing capabilities span across
both farmed and wild, fresh Mediterranean fish.
A fine selection of Scottish seafood, such as salmon,
oysters, smoked gravlax and the like may also be
brought in upon request.

Amongst a wide array of French and Swiss cheeses,
we continue to expand our importing abilities through
the delivery of patés, terrines, caviar,
Foie Gras as well local and imported vegetables.

We possess the necessary contacts required to import beverages
such as classic French and Italian wines, as well, as spirits,
liquors etc. We also provide all kind of on alcoholic beverages
and groceries which form part of an ever – growing line of variety.