Bacon (pkt),
Bacon rashers thin,
Barbary Duck,
Beef & Mustard (1.6kg),
Beef & Stout (1.6kg),
Beef Auras (sundried Tomato, onion & coriander) (1.6kg),
Beef Breakfast (1.6kg),
Beef diced cubes,
Beef fillet Scotch Vacuum packed,
Beef fillet vacuum packed,
Belted Galloway, ,
Bison (various cuts),
Black Forest Bacon,
Black pudding (1.6kg),
Boerewors (1.6kg),
Calves liver,
Chicken , Wild Mushroom and garlic (1.6kg),
Chicken breasts, skinless,
Chicken livers,
Chicken minced,
Chicken Sundried Tomato & Basil (1.6kg),
Chicken supremes,
Chicken supremes, free range,
Chicken thigh,
Chicken wings,
Chorizo - cured or raw,
Dexter Beef, ,
Double Smoked Black Pudding (1.6kg),
Dry Cured Bacon,
Duck breast (per unit),
Duck confit,
Duck confit with duck foie gras terrine,
Duck Foie Gras (fresh, frozen, semi preserved),
Duck Foie Gras Terrine (1.6kg),
Duck liver,
Duck meat and orange terrine,
Duck Moose with Port Terrine (1.6kg),
Duck rilette terrine,
Duck with Green Asparagus Terrine (1.6kg),
Duck with Green Pepper Terrine (1.6kg),
Elizabethan (pork, lime leaf & caraway) (1.6kg),
Frankfurters (1.6kg),
Frogs legs,
Good Old Style Mustard terrine,
Goose Foie Gras (fresh, frozen, semi preserved),
Goose Foie Gras Terrine (1.6kg),
Goose rillette terrine,
Goose Terrine 'pot au feu' terrine,
Gressingham Goose,
Hare & Hazelnut Terrine (1.6kg),
Iberico Ham,
Kangeroo loin,
Lamb & Mint (1.6kg),
Lamb chops,
Lamb dice,
Lamb fillet, New Zealand VP,
Lamb fillets, Welsh, VP,
Lamb leg boned VP,
Lamb leg, New Zealand, VP (per unit),
Lamb leg, Welsh, VP (per unit),
Lamb loin, New Zealand VP (per unit),
Lamb loin, Welsh, VP (per unit),
Lamb mince,
Lamb rack, 6 points New Zealand, VP (per unit),
Lamb rump New Zealand vac pack (per unit),
Lamb rumps, Welsh, vac packed (per unit),
Lamb shank (per unit),
Laversoke Park Buffalo Biltong (various flavours),
Laverstoke Park Buffalo Burgers,
Laverstoke Park Buffalo Chateaubriand,
Laverstoke Park Buffalo Fillet,
Laverstoke Park Buffalo Lean Mince,
Laverstoke Park Buffalo Ribeye,
Laverstoke Park Buffalo Rump,
Laverstoke Park Bufflo Sirloin,
Long Horn, ,
Manuka smoked chicken,
Manuka smoked duck,
Marmalade glazed wiltshire ham,
Mergez (lamb or beef) (1.6kg),
Minced beef,
Minced turkey,
Napoli (1.6kg),
Nuremburg (Bratwurst) (1.6kg),
Organic Bacon NITRATE FREE,
Organic Chicken Pie with Creamy mushroom sauce (230g),
Organic Roast Vegetable Pie with Mild Goats Cheese (230g),
Organic Steak and Silton Pie (230g),
Organic Steak and Ale Pie (230g),
Organic Steak Pie with Mushrooms in red wine sauce (230g),
Osso bucco (unit),
Ox tail,
Ox tongue,
Parma Ham,
Pheasant & chantarelles mushrooms,
Pheasant & Raisins Terrine (1.6kg),
Pheasant supremes,
Pigs ears,
Pork & Apple (1.6kg),
Pork & Espelette Pepper Terrine (1.6kg),
Pork & Leek (1.6kg),
Pork & Stout (1.6kg),
Pork & Wild Mushroom (1.6kg),
Pork Baby ribs ready cooked,
Pork belly, VP,
Pork chops, VP,
Pork fillet, VP,
Pork hock, VP (per unit),
Pork leg,,
Pork leg, boned, rolled with crackling VP,
Pork loin, VP,
Pork mince, VP,
Pork rack, VP,
Pork Terrine (1.6kg),
Pork trotters, VP,
Pork with Ceps Terrine (1.6kg),
Pork, mushroom & bacon (1.6kg),
Pork, oregano, thyme and chilli (1.6kg),
Quails, flat boned (per unit),
Quails, whole (per unit),
Rabbit & Juracon Wine Terrine (1.6kg),
Rabbit and Olive Terrine,
Rabbit fillets,
Rabbit saddles (per unit),
Reindeer Striploin,
Reindeer Tenderloin,
Rib Eye beef,
Rib Eye beef, Scotch, vac packed,
Rib Eye beef, Wagyu, vac packed,
Salami, sliced (200g),
Scotch Aberdeen Angus Beef, ,
Shropshire Black Bacon,
Shropshire Black Ham,
Sirloin vacuum packed,
Sirloin, Scotch, vacuum packed,
Sirloin, Wagyu, vacuum packed,
Smoked Black Forrest Ham,
Smoked gammon,
Smoked ham sliced (pkt 8 slices),
Smoked Toulouse (1.6kg),
Spatchcock (per unit),
Speciality 100% duck meat terrine,
Spinach and Mature Cheddar (v) (1.6kg),
Streaky bacon,
Sweet Cured Bacon,
Thai Chicken (1.6kg),
The Londoner (1.6kg),
The Londoner Veggie (v) (1.6kg),
Toulouse (1.6kg),
Treble Pork (1.6kg),
Turkey breast,
Unsliced side of bacon,
Unsmoked gammon,
Veal (cumbrian rose veal) (1.6kg),
Veal & Basil (1.6kg),
Veal bones,
Veal cheek, Vacuum packed,
Veal diced cubes,
Veal escallops,
Veal fillet, vacuum packed,
Veal loin, Vacuum packed,
Veal mince,
Veal nut, Vacuum packed,
Veal rack, vacuum packed (unit),
Veal ribs, French trimmed, vac packed (300g with bone),
Veal rump,
Veal Shanks, French trimmed (unit),
Vegetable terrine,
Venison diced shoulder,
Venison French rack (per unit),
Venison with Cranberries Terrine (1.6kg),
Venison, red wine, thyme (1.6kg),
Wagyu Beef Fillet (Australian grain fed), ,
Wagyu Beef fillet (NZ grass fed), ,
Wagyu Beef Rib Eye (Australian grain fed), ,
Wagyu Beef Rib Eye (NZ grass fed), ,
Wagyu Burgers, ,
Wagyu Sirloin, ,
Wagyu Steaks, ,
Welsh Black Beef, ,
Whole baby chickens (300g units),
Whole chickens (per unit),
Whole chickens, freerange (per unit),
Whole cornfed chickens (per unit),
Whole ducks (1.9kg unit),
Whole guinea fowl (per unit),
Whole Manderin ducks (per unit),
Whole pheasants (per unit),
Whole turkey (per unit),
Wild Boar (saddle),
Wild Boar & Apple (1.6kg),
Wild Boar & Chimay Beer (1.6kg),
Wild Boar & Venison (1.6kg),
Wild Boar Porcini Terrine (1.6kg),
Wild Venison Roast joints,
Wild Venison steaks,
Wild Venison Tenderloin,
Wiltshire Cured Bacon,
Wiltshire Ham,
Woodcock (per unit),
York ham,