Actimel Yogurt Drinks (various flavours incl. 0%) (8x100g), ,
Activita, fruit (assorted flavours - please ask) (50ml),
Activita, Plain (50ml),
Allergycare Egg-free Omlette Mix (150g), ,
Allergycare Whole Egg Replacer (200g), ,
Apple & Blackberry (500g),
Beillevaire Apple Blackcurrant (125g),
Beillevaire Apricot (125g),
Beillevaire Blackberry (125g),
Beillevaire Blueberry (125g),
Beillevaire Cherry (125g),
Beillevaire Exotic Fruits (125g),
Beillevaire Forest fruit (125g),
Beillevaire Lemon (125g),
Beillevaire Natural - full fat of 0% (125g),
Beillevaire Orange (125g),
Beillevaire Peach (125g),
Beillevaire Pear (125g),
Beillevaire Pinapple (125g),
Beillevaire Prune (125g),
Beillevaire Raspberry (125g),
Beillevaire Red fruits (125g),
Beillevaire Rhubarb (125g),
Beillevaire Strawberry (125g),
Beillevaire Vanilla (125g),
Benecol (various) (6x67.5g), ,
Blueberry with lime (500g),
Cream, full fat, fresh 30% (1ltr),
Cream, full fat, UHT, 30% (1ltr),
Creame fraiche (500g),
Double cream (1ltr),
Eggs, duck (dozen),
Eggs, free range (dozen),
Eggs, normal (tray of 30),
Eggs, quail (dozen),
Ener-G Egg Replacer (454g), ,
Fresh yeast (500g),
Fruit flavours - multipack (4x120g),
Goat's Milk - semi-skilled (1ltr),
Goat's Milk - skimmed (1ltr),
Goat's Milk - whole (1ltr),
Goat's Milk Long life Semi-skimmed (1ltr),
Goat's Milk Long life Whole (1ltr),
Grated Mozzarella (1kg), ,
Gratted Chedder (1kg), ,
Gratted Emental (1kg), ,
Greek Style Natural - with honey or coconut (500g),
Greek Style Natural (500g),
Greek yoghurt, 0% (200g),
Greek yoghurt, 2% (200g),
Individually wrapped portions salted (30g),
Individually wrapped portions unsalted (30g),
La Fermiere Blackberry & Blueberry (6x110g),
La Fermiere Caramel a la Fleur Sel (140g),
La Fermiere Chestnut (6x110g),
La Fermiere Coconut (140g),
La Fermiere Creame au chocolat (140g),
La Fermiere Fig / Honey (6x110g),
La Fermiere Honey (140g),
La Fermiere Lemon (140g),
La Fermiere Natural (140g),
La Fermiere Strawberry / Redcurrants (140g),
La Fermiere Vanilla (140g),
Lemon Curd (500g),
Mango & Vanilla (4x120g),
Mascarpone (250g),
Milk, fresh full fat (1ltr),
Milk, fresh, semi skimmed (1ltr),
Milk, low fat, UHT (1ltr),
Milk, skimmed, fresh (1ltr),
Milk, skimmed, UHT (1ltr),
Milk, UHT (1ltr),
Muller Vitality (various flavours) (6x100g), ,
Natural (500g),
Natural or Vanilla 0% (500g),
Organic Almond Instant Powder (400g),
Organic Almond Milk (1ltr),
Organic Hazelnut Drink (1ltr),
Organic Quinoa Drink (1ltr),
Orgran No Egg (200g), ,
Pasteurised egg white liquid,
Pasteurised egg yolk liquid,
Pasteurised whole egg liquid,
Peach & Apricot (500g),
Pear & Butterscotch - multipack (4x120g),
Plain yoghurt, low fat (125ml),
Plain youghurt (125ml),
Raspberry (500g),
Raspberry & Passionfruit (4x120g),
Rhubarb (4x120g),
Rice Milk - Long Life, Chocolate (1ltr),
Rice Milk - Long Life, Hazenut & Almond (1ltr),
Rice Milk - Long Life, organic (1ltr),
Rice Milk - Long Life, Vanilla (1ltr),
Rice Milk - with calcium (1ltr),
Salted butter (250g),
Seaweed Butter,
Semi salted butter (with olive oil),
Sheeps Milk - Naturemade Skimmed Milk Powder (400g),
Sheeps Milk - Woodlands Skimmed Milk Powder (450g),
Small yoghurt, mixed fruits variety (trays of 20),
Smoked Seas Salt Butter,
Soft butter in plastic tub (250g),
Soured cream (500g),
Soy Milk - Chocolate, chilled (1ltr),
Soy Milk - Long Life, Chocolate (bottle),
Soy Milk - Long Life, Light (1ltr),
Soy Milk - Long Life, original (1ltr),
Soy Milk - Long Life, Strawberry (bottle),
Soy Milk - Long Life, Unsweetened (1ltr),
Soy Milk - Long Life, Vanilla (bottle),
Soy Milk - organic, chilled (1ltr),
Soy Milk - organic, light, chilled (1ltr),
Spray dried goat's milk powder (200g),
Strawberry (500g),
Tropical Treats - multipack (4x120g),
Two chicks liquid egg white,
Unsalted butter (250g),
Vanilla Butter Madagascar Bourbon,
Yakult (original and light) (15x65ml), ,