00 Pasta Flour (1kg),
Al foil, thick (50m),
Almond extract (150ml),
Almonds Meal/Flour (1kg),
Almonds Whole (1kg),
Almonds Whole Peeled (1kg),
Almonds, flaked (500g),
Almonds, slivered (500g),
Amaretto biscotti (500g),
Anise flavour (150ml),
Apples (500g),
Apricots (1kg),
Ascorbic acid (100g),
Baking paper (8m),
Baking powder (250g),
Baking Powder Ancel (1kg),
Baking Spray oil (500ml),
Bananas (500g),
Bi-Carb Soda Horeca (330ml),
Bicarbonate Soda (250g),
Black currants (500g),
Black treacle (340g),
Blue (30ml),
Bran flakes/wheat flakes (1kg),
Bread Campagne (2.5kg),
Bread flour (1kg),
Bread Making T55 100%France (5x1kg),
Bread Making T55 Horeca(10kg),
Bread Making T55 Marseilles (25kg),
Bread Making T65 Artisans and Talents (25kg),
Bread Multi Ceareals(2.5 kg),
Bread Rye (2.5kg),
Cashew nuts, blanched (500g),
Cashew nuts, roasted (500g),
Cashews Raw (1kg),
Cassonade (6x1kg),
Castor (10kg),
Castor (25kg),
Castor (5x1kg),
Castor Brown (750g),
Cherry flavour (150ml),
Chestnuts (500g),
Chick Pea Flour (1kg),
Chocolate Chips "La Pateliere" (1kg),
Chocolate coffee beans,
Cling film (300m),
Cocao Powder (1kg),
Cocoa powder, Valrhona (500g),
Coconut flakes (500g),
Coconut Grated (1kg),
Corn flour (500g),
Corn Starch Maizena (400g),
Corn Starch Maizena (700g),
Cranberries (1kg),
Cream of tarter (250g),
Cubes Brown (4x1kg),
Cubes White (3x1kg),
Dates (1kg),
Dried yeast (500g),
Du Barry Dark 64% (5kg),
Du Barry Milk Superior 38.2% (5kg),
Du Barry White 29.2% (5kg),
Figs (500g),
Freeze dried cherries (200g),
Freeze dried raspberries whole (200g),
Freeze dried strawbewrries (200g),
Gelatine Sheets, 225pcs (475g),
Glace cherries, not in liquid (500g),
Glace ginger (250g),
Glutin powder (1kg),
Goji Berries (250g),
Gold leaf, loose (25),
Golden syrup (500g),
Green (30ml),
Hazelnuts Whole (1kg),
Hazelnuts, whole roasted (500g),
Honey (500g),
Icing (1kg),
Integral Flour (1kg),
Lavender water (100ml),
Leaf gelatine (500g),
Lemon (30ml),
Lime oil (150ml),
Liquid glucose (1kg),
Liquorice root (100g),
Macadamia whole, shelled (500g),
Mangoes (500g),
Maple syrup (bottle),
Marshmallows white and pink (500g),
Milk powder (500g),
Mixed currants (500g),
Mixed Dried Soft fruit (500g),
Mixed peel (500g),
Muffin cup wrappers (301pcs),
Orange blossom essence (500ml),
Orange oil (150ml),
Palm Sugar (500g),
Papaya (500g),
Pastry T45 Horeca (10kg),
Pastry T54 (5kg),
Peaches (280g),
Peanuts blanched unsalted (500g),
Peanuts Raw (1kg),
Peanuts unsalted, roasted (500g),
Pears (500g),
Pecan nuts, whole shelled (500g),
Pecans Whole (1kg),
Peppermint flavour (150ml),
Pine Nuts (1kg),
Pineapple (500g),
Pistachios (500g),
Pistachios Pealed (1kg),
Plain 'All Purpose' T45 Francine (9x1kg),
Plain 'All Purpose' T55 Horeca (10kg),
Plain Flour (1kg),
Poppy Seeds (1kg),
Prunes pitted Agen (1kg),
Pumpkin seeds Peeled (1kg),
Raisins Corinthian (1kg),
Raisins Golden (1kg),
Rasin (1kg),
Raspberry flavour (150ml),
Red (30ml),
Red currants (500g),
Rolled oats, Quaker or organic (1kg),
Rose water (500ml),
Rye flakes, organic (500g),
Rye Flour (1kg),
Self raising flour (1kg),
Self Raising Francine (9x1kg),
Sesame Seeds (1kg),
Sesame seeds, black (500g),
Silver leaf, loose (25),
Soft Dark Brown (5x500g),
Soft Light Brown (500g),
Soft Light Brown with Vanilla (5x500g),
Sosa Liquorice extract (1kg),
Sponge fingers (500g),
Strawberry flavour (150ml),
Sultanas (500g),
Sunflower Seeds Peeled (1kg),
Tangerine oil (150ml),
Valrhona Caraibe, couverture 66%,
Valrhona couverture, white 35%,
Valrhona Guanaja, couverture 70%,
Valrhona Jivara couverture, 40%,
Vanilla extract (150ml),
Vanilla pods (101pods),
Walnuts (1kg),
Wattle (500g),
White (25kg),
White (5kg),
White (6x1kg),
Wholemeal Flour (1kg),
Yeast Dried Saf-Levure (500g),
Yelow (30ml),